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Be careful what you wish for --- winter after 24 month

Winter is back!
After a long time I'm back to Europe. When I left Singapore to visit some new clients, I made the wish to see plenty of snow. Now I'm in Fuessen (the town where Schloss Neu Schwanstein a.k.a. Mad Kings Castle is located) and got plenty of snow. We have the annual developer meeting of UMsys. We are located in Schloss Hopferau, next to the garage where Konrad Zuse build the first computer ever. (At that time the Germans were very good in inventing stuff, but lousy to make it a economic success).
Tonight we'll go and have a visit to a mountain hut, get drunk and have a night slide back to the castle.

Posted by on 09 February 2004 | Comments (1) | categories: Business


  1. posted by Tom on Saturday 14 February 2004 AD:
    Fuessen- I've been there before! I stayed at the Youth Hostel there. A buddy of mine and I took a bicycle trip from Wurzburg down through Rotenburg, Dinklesbuhl, etc. to Augsburg and then over to Fuessen and Neu Schwanstein. He did a "face plant" on the road down to the castle when he wiped out on some leaves (it was late September) turning a corner Emoticon laugh.gif . Wow, what a blast- thanks for bringing back the cool memories- now if I could just get up the cash to go back! Emoticon undecided.gif