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Brunei InfoCom Technologies Awards 2004

Together with the Bruneian company Teleconsult Snd Bhd I architected the eLearning platform ePLATO earlier this year. In Brunei we were using the platform to have what I would call "narrated eForms". Complex online eGovernment forms are broken into pieces and filled in as part of an eLearning course. At the end the participant knows about the how and why of his submission and has a filled in form ready for processing.
This unique concept of blending learning and citizen-government transactions has won the Brunei InfoCom Technologies Award 2004 (BICTA 2004) in the category eGovernment.
News coverage is a bit patchy, there are two online articles that both fail to name the winners:
...so I had to resort to the good old scanner to document it:

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