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Fighting Pirates with a Data Center

Our local newspaper featured a story about the regional efforts to curb the piracy problem. A alliance from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines will collaborate and share information to track down and stop piracy. To coordinate the effort a new data center will be located in SingaporeNo -- not people sharing files on the internet or people selling DVDs without a license -- real pirates. Guys that use speed boats, rocket propelled grenades, machine guns and other firearms to lay their hands on cargo transported through South East Asia. This is not you romantic "Pirates in the Caribbean" flick. It is a high tech battle with real lives and a lot of money on the line. I talked to some sailors and they affirmed, that they'd rather catch a terminal sexual transmitted disease that getting attacked by pirates. Survival rates are pretty low (unless your previous career was with some mercenaries).
When reading this you probably will give new meaning to Stallman's statement: "How can sharing and helping be labelled the same as attacking ships, stealing cargo and killing people?"

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