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WebLog Languages that can't combine sounds to form a new word face interesting challenges when expressing new concepts. Computer has been translated into "electronic brain" and computer trainer into "teacher of the electronic brain": 电脑教师. The term Blog, which is pretty new, has a nice symbol and meaning: 网记 Records (or Memories) of the net. So taken literally it means: Blogs are the memory of the internet. How thoughtful.

Posted by on 17 November 2004 | Comments (2) | categories: Writing Chinese


  1. posted by Brian Benz on Thursday 18 November 2004 AD:
    Perfect! Hope you don't mind, I just posted an excerpt of this on my Blog....with attibution of course.
  2. posted by Softwaremaker on Monday 29 November 2004 AD:
    I further dissect this on my blog here. Emoticon wink.gif