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Domino on Solaris anyone?

I encountered a number of installations here where Domino is running on Solaris on SPARC I found at least one reference of Domino running on Solaris 10. However I didn't find information about running Domino on Solaris on x86 platforms. I'm particularity interested in the combination Solaris10/Domino 6.5.x. The official IBM site is a bit blur on that. Sun has these neat AMD based servers, so I wonder:
a) does it work?
b) how does it perform?
Anyone enlighten me?

On IBM's official platform page for Domino Solaris 10 is not listed. Solaris 8/9 are listed without a platform mentioned. At least one engineer has confirmed, that Domino7 will be certified on Solaris 10/Sparc. Finally - well hidden in the release notes of Notes 5.0.11 there is the confirmation, that Domino6 will not run on Solaris/x86. They could state that on the platform page.

Update II (July 2005):
Christophe tried it and failed. However there is a new hope. Lxrun might make it possible or even more likely: since IBM renewed their contracts with Sun, a future release might have Solaris x86 on the roadmap.

Posted by on 11 May 2005 | Comments (2) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Wolfgang Sommergut on Monday 16 May 2005 AD:
    See Jonathan Schwartz complaining in an open letter to Sam Palmisano about IBM's lacking support for Solaris 10: http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/jonathan/20050121#an_open_letter_to_sam1
  2. posted by Christophe Windelen on Saturday 21 May 2005 AD:
    It can be done with Domino 6.5 on a x86 platform. Just like anyother linux installation, you will have to install the jre from IBM. I will do the installation again and place this on my site.
    I can confirm on the other hand that it cannot be done on FreeBSD look for the results on http://www.windelen.be.

    All the best