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Steel bosses and a walk around a lake

Speaking in Hanoi
My paper was well received and I had some good discussions with Asia's steel cookers. You can download the paper from the download section of UMsys Asia. I always thought that steel is a boring topic and technology isn't improving. Attending some of the sessions I learned, that the industry is actually progressing quite fast and that you can produce steel today with less energy, in higher quantities and with custom mechanical properties that were unknown 10 years ago. I was very pleased, to see a transition from a pure cost based view of production towards a value based approach. The steel companies also swiftly stepped in and used their products for disaster relief. The pictures show were light-years away from the tin huts we associate with steel based housing.
I spend the evening walking around one of the lakes next to the hotel (took me more than 1.5 hours) and was pleasantly surprised how buzzing the evenings were. The Hanoians use the coolness of the night to meet and enjoy the evening with friends at the lake shore. It almost felt like a holiday.

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