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Crystal Clear

Processes and methodologies are all the rave in IT. Coming from a RAD Domino background a lot of the process steps feel quite overloaded (what the heck is a build and integration test, when I just click save on my form? - Don't tell me, J/Nunit and (N)ant are my friend). I finally found a methodology, that seems well fit for Domino projects. It is called Crystal Clear and is described by Alistair Cockburnis his book " Crystal Clear".

Crystal Clear requires 7 properties of which 3 are mandatory. It is a methodology light on processes and big on principles. Alistair clearly highlights, that process is never a guarantee for success, it is *skilfulness* that will make your day. Processes only emphasise your skill levels, so if your skills are lousy process will make the result *very* lousy.

Crystal Clear

Go try it.

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