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JBoss Jumpstart

On Friday I went for an JBoss jumpstart workshop. From time to time it's nice not to be the trainer. JBoss was a white spot on my map, since whenever I had to deal with EJB it was on IBM's Websphere.
Installation is straight forward, unzip the file type run and off you go. JBoss uses Tomcat as it's servlet engine, so upgrading from your JSP/servlet only environment should be easy too. For Notes/Domino shops Brightline offers an integration with the Domino server, that allows unlimited use including RDBMS and message queue.
Our trainer did his homework for this pilot class well and the exercises offered good learning opportunities.
We used JBossIDE for the examples. It is build on Eclipse and uses XDoclets for generating a lot of the server and EJB stuff. Currently the JBoss plug-ins don't play nicely with a off the shelf eclipse, so I rather stick to myeclipseide.
The preview of EJB3 was quite impressive. It is much less complicated than before.
The big question remains when looking at OpenSource EJB:
  • JBoss: got the best recognition in the market, professional support and a (commercial) Domino integration.
  • Jeronimo: Apache's take on EJB. Since their Tomcat is very popular it is easy to argue. However they are the "New kid on the block"
  • JoNAS: While not very known in the US it will be popular in Asia, at least in China since Objectweb.org has teamed up with Chinese researchers
Which one to use?

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