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The coffee experiment

There are a lot of conflicting views on the health impact of coffee out there, so reading them only confused me. I'm a heavy coffee drinker, which makes me either very healthy or a member of a high risk group. To find out I decided to go cold turkey and not having coffee or caffeine containing beverages for at least a month. It is my third day now and I feel that longing for the bitter taste. Other than that there seem to be no other effects - beside the puzzled faces of my favorite Barista when I ordered tea instead of my usual latte.

Posted by on 07 September 2005 | Comments (5) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by Ethann Castell on Wednesday 07 September 2005 AD:
    You're lucky, whenever I stop I get the worst headaches for about 2 or 3 days. They are so bad that it feels like my head is going to implode on itself. The first time I got them I thought that that there was something seriously wrong inside my head eg. brain hemorrhage.

    But now I know it's normal, for me at least. The best thing I found about giving up coffee was that I slept a lot better.

    Good Luck !
  2. posted by Your Favourite Barista on Wednesday 07 September 2005 AD:
    But even tea contains caffeine... AND tannin. Ask for the decaffeinated teas to go really cold turkey...!

    I get headaches too if I don't have my daily caffeine dose (and i can't poo! haha!). After a bit of experimentation, I realised that better sleep is possible if I don't take coffee after about, say, 4 or 5pm. Or I'd take decaf if one of those 'coffee socials' is required in the evening. Emoticon smile.gif
  3. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Wednesday 07 September 2005 AD:
    Yeah going for the nice Tazo herbal teas.
    Emoticon smile.gif stw
  4. posted by Brian Benz on Thursday 08 September 2005 AD:
    I had to do the same thing recently:

    P.S. Someone just found this on Google - was that you?

  5. posted by dean on Sunday 22 March 2009 AD:
    i've some unique experiment about coffee from home."green coffee",i call it. step by step!1)U need some coffee seed and green peanuts. 2)fryng the coffee seed until nice odour. 3)mixed with enough green peanuts n then extracted. 4)ready to serves. Emoticon biggrin.gif