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Beijing International Airport 22:00 (GMT+8)

The conference went very well and I'm on my way home. I arrived 10pm at Beijing International Airport, cleared checking and immigration and now have 90 minutes to kill. While a rather buy things at the airport shops, I do enjoy looking at the stuff. There are a number of beautiful shops here and even a Starbucks for a Tazo tea. There is only one little flaw -- they are all closed at 10pm. Seems there is some room for improvement. So I tried my luck with a vending machine, that promised alcohol free beer. Well out of luck too -- the machine dispensed a normal can and I don't touch alcohol for over 10 years now. But there is more to improve: China mobile provides wireless LAN at CNY 0.20/minute (that is ca. 0.024USD/minute). Unfortunately you need to be a China Mobile subscriber -- the English instructions at least didn't suggest anything else. Maybe I have more luck next time.

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