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Domino 7 and Websphere 6 on Windows - Part II

I finally got it working, whoha! The plug-in installation script makes 2 assumptions about the Domino installation, that were not matched by my installation: first it assumes, that the Domino program directory is the parent directory of the data directory, second, that this is not a root directory. In my case the data directory was n:\Domino7 (instead of something like r:\Lotus\Domino\Data). I mounted the N: drive under c:\data, so my Domino data directory would be c:\data\Domino7. And reran the installation. Actually I flattened out the Websphere before, just to make sure the new attempt wouldn't be haunted by zombies. This time the plug-in.xml was created as expected. However neither the DSAPI filter nor the INI variable were configured.
This time it was an easy fix. Edit the notes.ini and add:
After that edit the Internet site document and add the DSAPI filter:
The rest of the configuration is within the plugin-cfg.xml file and according to my tests are just fine. Mental note to self: keep the Domino data directory 2 levels deep and separate program and data directory only after the final installation. On Unix/Linux of course a symbolic link would do the trick.
So it is time to develop some Webspino/Domisphere applications. Something like DominoWebDAV.
Next stop: Domino 7 and Websphere 6 on SUSE.  

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