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Want to infect your PC with a root kit? - Buy a SonyBMG CD

There is a very interesting story at sysinternals about the hunting down of a root kit infection on a PC. A root kit basically is a piece of software, that hides itself from normal view on the PC and intercepts the functionality. Root kits are usually found in criminal context (hackers, maleware, Trojan horses) and are typically installed without the PC's owners consent. In this case consent wasn't given either but the culprit was a copy protected CD from Sony BMG. I'm sure the late founder of Bertelsman (BMG stands for Bertelsman Media Group) rotates in his grave for behaviour so much below his standards. Seems like Greed 2.0 in full swing.
One comment suggest, the only way to fight this is with you purse strings. So it looks like Sony and its subsidiaries lost me as a customer. So no Sony TV, no Sony HiFi, no SonyEricsson phone, no Sony BMG CD/DVD and less Sony entertainment -- including the Aibo.  

The Sony Digital Restriction Management stint has stirred quite some response online. Some of the voices:

and much more: http://www.google.com.sg/search?q=sony+drm+rootkit

I'm curious how they will spin it. What really surprises me: Sony is known to be obsessed with quality control in whatever they make, how could this slip their attention (or didn't it?). In case you want to complain to Sony, why not use their online form?

Posted by on 01 November 2005 | Comments (2) | categories: Technology


  1. posted by Moritz Schroeder on Saturday 12 November 2005 AD:
    I think that Sony is still trying to understand that it needs to become a software company. Since the first Vaios I have tried to understand hy Sony didn't put an effort to design their own Dektop OS, which they could do by using Linux as a basis. Instead they package all these buggy tools with their notebooks. I once recommended a 16'' Sony Vaio to a friend and have regrettet that advice since. After only 2 years she beought a 15'' Powerbook, because the Vaio was simply not usable and spent a lot of tim in repairs.

    Regarding the DRM & co there is a bit of a philosophical battle going on at Sony, on one hand the people that think of Sony as a Media Company, some others see Sony as the traditional hardware company for professional and customer markets and another fraction is looking ahead to new ideas but is struggeling to make it's voice heard (apart from the PlayStation guys).

    It's going to be interesting how Sony will look like in a couple of years.
  2. posted by root kit on Tuesday 07 April 2009 AD:
    Unreal, that sony could let this happen.