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Is OpenSource Software for you?

The Rotary Club of Singapore did host my talk " Is OpenSource Software for you?" today. You typically join Rotary at a later stage of live, so Firefox, Thunderbird, NVU or The Gimp are no household names there. Linux on the other hand is heard of. I focused on software that is available on The OpenCD and distributed some of the CDs in return to a donation to the sunshine box. The sunshine box is the charity 'war chest' of each Rotary club.

Update The talk was very well received. The 10 copies of The OpenCD were gone in a blink and the Rotarians could add a nice sum to the charity funds. The slides for the presentation can be downloaded here (PDF 1.2 MB)

Posted by on 15 February 2006 | Comments (2) | categories: After hours Singapore


  1. posted by Subramanian on Thursday 16 February 2006 AD:
    Dear Stephan

    An excellent presentation at the Rotary Club of Singapore. I would rate the presentation as one of the top 5 for the year. Emoticon smile.gif
    Good Show!!!

  2. posted by Seamus Phan on Saturday 25 February 2006 AD:
    Great novel presentation about Open Source! I have been an open source adopter and programmer (PHP and Perl) for a long time as well, and share your passion. Keep the cheerful spirit always dear journeyman! bless.