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What I do

The running joke goes "If you can't explain to your mom, what you are doing for a living, you must work in IT". The not so funny side is, that I do have difficulties to explain my bandwidth. Typical dialogues go: "So you are a programmer". "Hhm, yes I code software, but I also design it". "So you are a designer". "I also do architecture, requirements and usability". "So you are a project manager?" "Only if I have too, I'm more like an architect and coach". "Ah a coach - what sports?" "The sport of team work in software development".......
and so on.
I was long pondering to write an article what I really do (best). Today I came across a post from James Shore, which I mostly could copy:
" I'm James Shore and I make my living providing good advice to good companies. Have a software development team and think I might help? Give me a call and we'll find out."  and " I provide full-service consulting."
Other than James I'm not into Scrum but Crystal Clear. Crystal Clear works well with Notes and Domino, which I love. However I developed and coached in SAP, Java, .NET, xForms and XML. It's the team not the tools that matter in the first place. My credentials are less impressive than James (asides from winning APICTA awards two years in a row). Nevertheless, buzz me if your projects need a boost.  

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