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Designer in Eclipse --- some updates

The reactions to the DDE petition were mixed. While some were enthusiastic, others  were concerned, Maureen even cut time from her busy schedule to put things into perspective. I surly underestimated the weight people would give the fact that I'm "on the inside" (is is less then 12 month vs. 15 years as business partner), rather than seeing an initiative driven by "the godfather" of the Asean Lotus user community. The law of unintended consequences in full swing.
The development team working for Maureen was very curious to see how people would react, we had very pleasant chats when I met them at LCTY in Mumbai a few days ago. They are genuinely interested to know what features and functions Domino developers are looking for and how to create a tool that makes developers more productive. They now monitor the petition database and might some when in the future contact people how have consented to be so. We had a discussion what role XML and specifically DXL could play in a future Domino Designer. As Maureen mentioned in her blog " How can you influence the feature set? Please just ask!" So I asked and within the constrain of available time got a good conversation going. I have the impression the project is well under way and we can expect great things, just a little patience is needed (not my strength).

Now a few interesting facts:
While the global market share for Firefox is estimated around 14%, the signers of the petition seem to be more eager using it: 64.3% were on Firefox, 28.6% on IE and 7.1% on other browsers (this evaluated from the browser string which could be camouflaged in Opera or Firefox), 91.6% were users of Windows, 4.2% of Linux and 3.8% of MacOS. Only 17% of the Firefox users were still on Firefox 1.x, while only 26.4% of the Internet Explorer users had upgraded to IE7.

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  1. posted by Axel Janssen on Tuesday 13 March 2007 AD:
    Sometimes I ask myself if not Lou Gerstner has heard similar objections in his days.
    Aren't we going to scare off our mainframers?
    In the following years real technical experts in IBM mainframes found very high paid jobs easily, whereas sales staff like my father started their life as pensioneer with nice big blue pension.
    And that mainframe change was much more drastic as Lotus shows a true commitment to long time Lotus Notes experts.
    It does NOT look as if Lotus Notes knowledge is going to become obsolete on Domino Designer on Eclipse. And if so, there are countless Domino applications to be maintained. And fewer young people will learn Lotus Notes traditional.
    I observed a rise for demand of classical Domino Administrators and Developers on german job sites in the last year.
    So no reason to get nervous.
  2. posted by Axel Janssen on Tuesday 13 March 2007 AD:
    ... and if Lotus Notes user organizations provide a healthy work environment with a fair pay check, they will find experienced, nice and motivated experts for their more traditional Lotus Notes applications.
    All this legacy/obsolete debate is no other but FUD.