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Did you Scratch today?

Teaching kids (especially mine) programming is on my mind for quite a while. The discussion on Slashdot about my query was very inspiring. However it didn't seem to show the right tool. Now, again inspired by a slashdot article, I found Scratch. Looks very much like fun to me:

Scratch Programming Language

Now they only need to add interfaces to Lego Mindstorms and the Picocricket and I'm a happy camper.

Posted by on 21 May 2007 | Comments (3) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Slawek on Monday 21 May 2007 AD:
    Have you seen this http://www.amazon.com/Squeak-Programming-Robots-Technology-Action/dp/1590594916
    I picked up a copy (out of curiosity) from Kinokuniya at Takashimaya for a bragain price of ~$15.
  2. posted by Jack Dausman on Tuesday 22 May 2007 AD:
    Looks as interesting as MindRover. As soon as they publish their planned Linux release, will you send me a note? I'll make sure a copy goes to the computer center at the Nyumbani orphanage.
  3. posted by Andrea Garbagnoli on Monday 07 April 2008 AD:
    I couldn't try it because I have only a PPC Mac and no Windows machine, but I found ToonTalk { Link } very interesting. It's used also by 4 yo kids. I think it should be redeemed (maybe by IBM? Emoticon wink.gif and released as free software.
    Alredady open source and ready for Mac is Squeak { Link } (a Smalltalk interpreter) and its eToys environment.
    What do you think about them?
    (Sorry for my English.)