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Defeating Credit Card Security

All credit cards have this extra number. That number that doesn't appear on anything but the card. It is there for additional security. The credit card guidlines clearly state, that a merchant must not store this number. Traveling a lot I observed that most hotel chains actually record that number. Their rationale is clear: you forget to state the minibar, smashed the TV or caused any other additional charges, they simply can deduct that amount without running afoul of the internal security measures (there is more scrutiny with "card not present" transactions. That irks me like hell. And I'm not talking about cheap 3rd class hotel, the big IBM approved chains do that. I asked the receptionist, why she is doing that and she replied "company policy". I don't blame her, but I'm asking myself what are this security measures good for if they are ignored.

Posted by on 17 July 2007 | Comments (0) | categories: Travel


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