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TouchPad vs. TrackPoint

I am was firmly in the TouchPad camp when it comes to Laptop mouse interfaces. I normally don't connect a mouse. All my previous Laptops had TouchPads only. My ThinkPad at work (a Lenovo T60) came with both TrackPoint and TouchPad. I never used the TrackPoint and found the TouchPad (distance with finger equals distance of mouse pointer) much more inutitive that the TrackPoint (time pressed with finger equals distance of mouse pointer). A week ago my TouchPad stopped working. While I'm quite a keyboard buff, I had to use the TrackPoint for a while.
The good folks at Tech Support in IBM's facility at Changi Techno Park fixed that within 5 minutes, but it took me almost 2 weeks to get there. So I became used to the TrackPoint. So now I got mixed feelings towards the TrackPad. I have both as my disposal and now find myself using the TrackPoint more often than the TouchPad. I especially like the middle button, that turns the TrackPoint into a scrolling device. Also the distance to move the hand from the keyboard to the TrackPoint is shorter than the TouchPad. Where both are less than ideal is working with graphics. Here the TouchPad seems to allow more precise positioning. However for drawing buffs there are this little gems (got one for the Mac and start playing with that).

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  1. posted by A. Fernandez on Tuesday 22 July 2008 AD:
    I have been a TrackPoint user for nearly 9 years. Recently I noticed the finger I use with the TrackPoint is sore all the time. Before you continue your use of the TrackPoint take notice of how much pressure you use and how long you press while using the TrackPoint compared with the TouchPad.

    I understand that the TrackPoint and Touchpad have many settings so you may choose to adjust their function and sensitivity. Take care.