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Bangkok, Starbucks and a holy man

Being on a journey makes you meet all sorts of people and hear their stories. Today before going to the airport in Bangkok I had a coffee at my favorite place. A large size hot late (venti as called in the current Starbucks lingo) is 100 Thai Bath which is about USD 3.16 or 2.24 EUR. I was approached by a man who introduced himself as Mr. Yogi. We had an very interesting exchange about life, purpose and spirituality. He shared, that he is following a holy man who has a temple in India that is helping the poor. The story sounded plausible, but in this day and age anything can be true or not. I know I have some readers in India, so eventually someone could confirm the existence of the holy man:
Gurmeet Singh
House No 3464 St. No 5
New Janta Nagar
Ludhiana, Punjab - India.
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Posted by on 05 October 2007 | Comments (4) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by Rishab Sharma on Wednesday 17 October 2007 AD:
    Sorry, there a few people in India who are "working for poor" by taking "money from the rich". Unfortunately, some of those are purely in it to make money. Mr Yogi, may be authentic but I too have encountered quite a few of those but on careful probing turned out another scheme to extract donations or pledge money for the cause. I had offered my services but sorry it was not acceptable but incidentally "money" was..
  2. posted by null on Wednesday 08 October 2008 AD:

    I live in Washington DC and was approached by the same man calling himself Mr. Yogi. We had a similar discussion and he asked for money to the exact same address! I found this through a google search. I too have been wondering the authenticity of this man and what he said. He predicted many things about me and my life correctly with no information on my part given to him. He also gave me a jujube dried fruit and told me to keep it in my pocket for luck. Does anyone know this man to bea con man? I felt a strange spiritual connection with him and he seemed to come along at exactly the right time in my life to hear some of the things he said.

  3. posted by null on Tuesday 30 December 2008 AD:
    Half an hour ago had talking with the same man in Suntec Twr in Singapore. He insisted me to make donation in 2000 Singapore Dollars and when I said that I have no money with me agreed me to make send money via Western Union to Mr.Surjit Singh living in India (being his spiritual mentor). Anyone who had connection with him please advise if his predictions ever happened?

  4. posted by Andrew on Saturday 20 February 2010 AD:
    I had a similar experience in the Mustafa Centre, Little India.

    He was able to tell me a lot about me and my family etc etc.

    He wrote on a piece of paper which he then gave to me. He would then ask me a few questions the answers to which were on the paper he had given me.

    In my case he wanted $200 - 1000

    I didn't have any money but I did get a phone number off him.

    He was very convincing and you would definitely want to hear more life history/predictions from him (in return for a donation of course).