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Data Center with Divine Blessings

It is never a bad idea to make sure data is save. So I added an X-Raid system protected by an UPS to my home data center. Just to make sure the protection is universal I added an extra layer of guards to the setup.
4 Buddhas guarding data storage

Posted by on 29 December 2007 | Comments (4) | categories: Technology


  1. posted by Jonathan Wong on Sunday 30 December 2007 AD:
    Bought my ReadyNAS about a year and a half ago... It was darn pricey at that time, but it's easily the best IT investment I have ever made! It's as solid as a rock, and the performance is excellent. Great for backing up all those silly VMware images we accumulate from our day job...
  2. posted by Joachim Weber on Tuesday 01 January 2008 AD:

    kennen wir uns nicht von einem Besucht vor über 5 Jahren zum Thema Groove in Fulda ?
  3. posted by brucie on Monday 07 January 2008 AD:
    Haha this is so funny!

    btw, I like yr new look. (blogsite)
  4. posted by Simon Peek on Tuesday 08 January 2008 AD:
    Nice looking set of speakers!