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Not your dad's gMail anymore...

We all love gMail (more or less) almost as much as Domino (and there is a Sparkle in the near future). So how about this:

Thanks Bruce - and yes also available in English.

Posted by on 18 December 2007 | Comments (5) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Giuseppe on Wednesday 19 December 2007 AD:
    some details and and interview with the project leader here: { Link }
    demo here:
    { Link } (press the button with "Prova la versione demo di WLM" on it)
  2. posted by Peter Wilson on Wednesday 19 December 2007 AD:
    Wow...fantastic !
  3. posted by Chris Miller on Wednesday 19 December 2007 AD:
    I like it. I thought at first you had done the small business free version of Gmail that my wife uses for her business and domain until I loked at the URL. Nice.
  4. posted by Dmytro on Thursday 20 December 2007 AD:
    looks great! but you know, try to do it on English language too.
  5. posted by Bucci on Thursday 03 January 2008 AD:
    Multilingual version is coming... Emoticon wink.gif)