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There is quite some turmoil around the OOXML voting as an ISO standard. To me it looks like the law of unintended consequences in full swing. I think the irregularities need to be sorted out and processes need cleanup (Do they?). The whole mess seems like a warped failure of communication between an Anglo-Saxon and Continental European view of the world (this probably will warrant a longer post somewhen else). In short: In an Anglo-Saxon view anything that is not specifically outlawed is OK to do. For the children of the Code Civile adhering to the intend of law and morals have equal weight. While paying marketing $$$ is not formally bribery, using it as an incentive to get partners doing things they never intended to becomes borderline.
Anyway my position on OOXML: I'm in favor of OOXML becoming an ISO standard, but not as fasttrack. It must go through the due process (which might take a while). Eventually it would end as an extension to ODF where ODF is lacking, which would be a good thing. But also as an independent alternate standard it would be OK. Key anyway is: due process not cut corners fast tracking.

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