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So you want to be a Domino developer?

The good news: most of the skills that will help you to excel in Domino are generic and can be applied to any development environment.
The bad news: there is a lot of stuff to learn. I'm compiling a roadmap for (Domino) Developers wannabees taking a little broader approach. This is my first draft:
Development skills required for development in general and Domino in particular
In the coming days and weeks I will discuss/fill each of this circles with details and recommended readings/training material. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Posted by on 29 April 2008 | Comments (8) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Jonathan Wong on Tuesday 29 April 2008 AD:
    But you are a day early for Show-N-Tell Thursday... ;)
  2. posted by Jack Dausman on Tuesday 29 April 2008 AD:
    Stephan, can you put this in a PDF so that I print it up big and showy?

  3. posted by Nigel Choh on Wednesday 30 April 2008 AD:
    Nice little diagram. Every little bit of visibility on the skills that a Domino developer needs is important in promoting Domino development.
  4. posted by null on Wednesday 30 April 2008 AD:
    what about enterprise integration (lei, ls:do, sql, etc.)
  5. posted by Elmar Fuchs on Wednesday 30 April 2008 AD:
    How about Webservice / WSDL /SOAP?
  6. posted by Axel on Wednesday 30 April 2008 AD:
    As now the required skills are sketched out, IBM may ask how to smoothen the learning curve.
    I admit to hear worse things from Ms- programmers about OOXML, but why for example a class like DXLImporter doesn't provide more usefull error messages when nearly all things xml in open source land do? ({ Link }
    Small potatoes like this can convert great free time into not so great office hours and ok maybe its not that easy to fix, but probably important to leverage dxl and xml with domino in general on a wider scale.
  7. posted by Ed Maloney on Wednesday 30 April 2008 AD:
    Nice work, but does anyone actually want to become a ND Developer these days? It seems that the days of employment as a full time ND Developer are waning. The trend seems to be to have one person do the Admin/Developer function. Sadly the governance trend (fad?) has pushed ND applications even further off the radar of Enterprise decision makers. This leaves creating basic applications to power users and Admins.
  8. posted by Patrick Kwinten on Wednesday 30 April 2008 AD:
    interesting, right now I am filling a WIKI with knowledge skills a Domino developer should have skills/awareness of.

    In the picture I am lacking the skills of project management and prototyping with the customer. More the softer skills that can make the difference...