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Procrastinator Professional and (e)Productivity

I confess: I'm a professional procrastinator! I'm full subscribed to JIT as an excuse to do things in the very last minute. Whereby "last minute" must be understood in a tropical sense: anything 5min before the deadline to a month after. Of course that is not very healthy and requires (self)correction. My therapy of choice is GTD. There are great places to get advice and insights, even in the real world.
I got myself a note taker and I'm ready to rumble. While David Allen offers a white paper for GTD with Lotus Notes I was looking for something more sophisticated. IBM's Brett Philp has a version. However Brett is busy with other things and I was looking for more. Finally I got in touch with Eric Mack. He offered me to get on his closed beta for eProductiviy. I'm a happy camper since then and enjoy the functionality tremendously. During the beta Eric and Ian picked up all feedback eagerly and it is great fun working with them. The template went in a few weeks from a R6/7 look alike to a R8 styled productivity beauty. It already features a complete set of GTD capabilities. I love the weekly review coach. Stay tuned I'll share more over time.

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