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Who uses Lotus Notes and Domino

In case you missed it. Volker is sick of the various claims on market share Exchange/Outlooks vs. Notes/Domino. So he took matters in his own hands and created a Wiki page to harness collective knowledge to answer that question. Of course it is an apple vs. [fill-in-your-favorite-fruit] comparison and the list already shows that there are quite a number of shops that run both and/or run Exchange for messaging and have Notes applications. I still believe that Exchange is the accepted collateral damage for a decision to use Outlook for eMail, but I'm openly biased of course.
I guess it is a question of time until someone adds pages to that wiki for government agencies or companies in general (can that wiki autosort a list?).

Go check it out yourself. The invite key you need is " that is the question "

Posted by on 25 June 2008 | Comments (1) | categories: IBM - Lotus


  1. posted by Me on Friday 29 May 2009 AD:
    Apples vs. Pears! Must be pears! Emoticon biggrin.gif