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Office in the Air

I'm on my way back from Delhi to Singapore. SQ409 operates a shiny new Boeing 777-300ER. When boarding I was walking though business class and now perched in coach envy the spacious layout of the new business class. But that's not your daddy's coach anymore. In every seat there is an 11" wide-screen TV with a video in, usb and network port. The control unit finally sits below the screen instead of in the arm rest where you tend to activate different buttons when you wiggle back and forth the 5cm space you have to move. The armrest features a AC power socket, so continuos work is ensured. Even if you didn't bring your laptop but just your USB drive with your files, you can continue to be a proper workaholic. The entertainment feature comes with Sun Microsystem's star office equipped. The control unit features a tiny keyboard, that is quite usable (almost like a Blackberry or Nokia keyboard quality and a little larger). A friend of mine worked for the manufacturer of the system and he shared, that it is actually a Linux streaming server with 278 terminals. I wonder if that server could be hacked from one of these terminals. A prepared ODF document might do the trick. Mental note to self: bring a network cable next time and see what's happening when plugging in.

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  1. posted by Slawek Rogulski on Monday 25 August 2008 AD:
    I thought the coach fit out that you describe was limited to the A380 but it seems that it's an across the board SIA initiative. Good to know. I wonder how SIA compares to the likes of Emirates, etc ...