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To often people still think Lotus = eMail. That is worse than thinking Lotus Notes is eMail. Yes there was a time when Lotus = Spreadsheet. So what to do about it? Well a picture is worth as thousand words, so everytime I open my laptop the picture becomes clear:
notessensei.com is an alias for this blog. Working on my Global Microbrand

Update: The skin has been produced by Digiskin. The pro: it is super-thin, the con: you can't fix it yourself, you have to go and see them. They seem to operate in Singapore, US, South-Africa and Germany.

Posted by on 01 August 2008 | Comments (3) | categories: IBM - Lotus IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Eric Mack on Friday 01 August 2008 AD:
    That's cool!

    Where did you purchase the made-to-order skin?
  2. posted by Darryn on Thursday 07 August 2008 AD:
    Nice skin. Emoticon smile.gif Love it.
  3. posted by Scott on Friday 13 February 2009 AD:
    Stephan - The first time I saw you, you where standing in a doorway at the Lotus UniversitySeminar in Sydney last year holding you laptop open with the "NotesSensei" for all to see. It made quite a first impression!