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Lotus Notes 8.5 requires the DCOM Server Process Launcher Service

I'm using Linux as my base operating system. Until Domino Designer is available on Linux I need to keep a Virtual Machine with XP around. I work with both VMWare and VirtualBox. One thing you automatically do with virtualized operating systems is to shut down what is not essential. In windows the services loaded by default can be cut back quite a bit. Of course you can overdo that. One lesson I learned the hard way: The Notes 8.5 client crashes fatally if the "DCOM Server Process Launcher" isn't running. Took me 2 days of wondering until Nathan gave me that tip. Apparently that service is needed on "bare-iron" windows too.

Posted by on 22 December 2008 | Comments (2) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Tim Clark on Tuesday 23 December 2008 AD:
    You might want to check out Vizioncore's vOptimizer Pro that will trim and defrag a Windows VM image to a bare minimum for you. It does not turn off the DCOM service. The only problem is it runs on Windows only, although I am going to talk to them about porting it to Linux.
  2. posted by Fred Janssen on Tuesday 23 December 2008 AD:
    You might want to give TinyXP a try, only 50MB ram for a functional XP environment. No IE, OE, WMP etc.
    A TinyVista is also available.
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