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XPages Workskops coming up.

Tim sums it up:
So it seems that word is spreading about this great XPages stuff, (so someone does read my blog) and I am being asked what the plans are to deliver it in other countries. January is going to be planning month and Lotusphere 2009 So here is who to contact if you want to add you name to the list of people/countries that are interested.
to find out how to contact them you can use the WhoIs application.
Only Stephan and I know about this blog post so far so when you contact the others, please be gentle. ;o)
  • EMEA: Tim Clark Please leave comments on this post to show an interest for EMEA.
  • Asia Pacific: Qiao Ming Chen for China, Stephan Wissel (me) for Asian & India, Atsushi Sato for Japan
  • ANZ: Craig Hart for Australia / New Zealand
  • Americas: Craig Wolpert

Posted by on 23 December 2008 | Comments (2) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes XPages


  1. posted by Leif L on Tuesday 23 December 2008 AD:
    Would like to have it in Sweden och Denmark.
  2. posted by Tim Clark on Tuesday 23 December 2008 AD:
    @1, Your sent one of your colleagues on the course in Hursley and he was told to go back and share the information with his fellows. I suggest you have a chat with Bo-Martin and ask him for the materials. He should be able to let you have them to run through.
    Tim C