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An old dog peeing on the rug?

" Microsoft is like an old dog that even when beaten won't stop peeing on the rug." - That's not my opinion, but a statement made at Microsoft Watch. While initially I had a good laugh, I then felt that statement is a little over the top. I certainly don't like the way they do business, but I recognize them as a formidable technology force. I don't think Microsoft ever was very innovative, but they have an important skill, lacking in so many IT companies: picking up underdeveloped ideas and making them easier to use for a broad set of users (and much more!) for developers.
When I compare the learning curves for VB.NET (or C#) and Java: It is so much easier to get started in VB. Just try: write a client application that shows a window with a menu with one label that says "Hello World". Of course learning curve is just one aspect, when it comes to higher functions the battle is on (and I'm biased, so I won't comment). Imagine how boring it would get, if there wasn't a heated competition, and yes - a superior backend isn't enough. So we (we as in the Lotus community) kind of owe Microsoft that she is around. So I won't call them "old dog" but "favorite foe".

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