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Interesting Development Tools to watch

I come across a lot of tools I see potential in. These are my latest findings:
  • Pivot Toolkit: A Rich Internet Application Toolkit. Interesting: uses XML for the UI definition that can be loaded at runtime. Could supercede Thinlets if it runs on mobile devices.
  • JFreechart: Java Charts for everything. Works in Windows, Linux, Mac and in applets. And it works in Notes 8 clients as Julian has shown. Don't forget to buy the Developer Guide.
  • XML Diff and Merge. I had a deep look at a lot of XML files lately. The little tool from Alphawork helps to work on changes. For a fuller experience you can also look at Oxygen.
  • Not a development tool per se, but an interesting source of vizualisation ideas: ManyEyes.

Posted by on 10 February 2009 | Comments (1) | categories: Software


  1. posted by David Killingsworth on Wednesday 11 February 2009 AD:
    I'm not a developer, so I didn't check out most of the links, but ManyEyes is a pretty powerful tool.

    Thanks for the link.