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Tales of 2 cities

From the " the-world-is-still-not-flat-department":
I just returned from Cambridge (MA) to Singapore. Cambridge is home both to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Both are without doubt world class, top standard educational institutes. On my way back home on SQ21 I read in Singapore's premier newspaper about an incident in the National University of Singapore ( NUS). Students had a naked run (probably fueled by sufficient intake of socially accepted intoxicating substances) between two buildings on the campus. and are now expelled from the hostel and risk being expelled from the university too.
Switch to Harvard: Every year the night before the exams Harvard students gather at the campus at night, run around the centre court screaming at the top of their lounges - completely naked (quite a task with late winter temperatures). To participate is a question of honour.
Flat world anyone?

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