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When customer service sucks - Star Alliance

I travel a lot. I use a world class airline, but are still member of Miles and More (The Lufthansa program). No problem one would think, since they are both members of Star Alliance. The main reason I haven't switched is that I would loose my status and since IBMers fly coach couldn't seek refuge in the lounge. So far so good. Miles/Point crediting works reasonable well and booking a reward flight works if you can plan 6-9 month ahead. However when it comes to requesting an upgrade on a Star Alliance member airline (for me: pay with Mile-and-More for a Singapore Airlines flight) the process breaks down. On the Lufthansa website there is a description how it works and a dead link that redirects without explanation to a completely different page. On the Star Alliance web site there is nothing, nor on the SIA website. A complaint via the online form only triggered the automated reply "We are looking into it". Seems the airlines happily issue miles and points, but loath to make redemption easy. *Sigh* night flight in embryo position coming up.

Posted by on 30 April 2009 | Comments (1) | categories: Travel


  1. posted by Reza on Wednesday 09 September 2009 AD:
    I had a poor experience with their customer service as well. I was denied access to a Star Alliance lounge because I was flying on SAS and the lounge attendant told me there was a SAS lounge in the airport. But she was unable to tell me where it was! When I complained through their website, I was sent 3 canned answers - neither had really read the reasons for my complaint. I have rarely seen so poor online customer service.