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Genting Highlands Resort Reflections

After exploring Kuantan and Sungei Lembing we continued our personal Discover Malaysia trip to Genting Highlands Theme Park. After having seen the orginal a number of times it was obvious where Genting's inspiration came from (Wasn't there something with "flattery"). They have to practice with their website however. With NoScript active you don't see a thing. The theme park is divided into an indoor and an outdoor area (tribute to the weather here) with the indoor area actually containing a number of rides including a ferries wheel and a roller coaster. After the beach and nature in Kuantan that felt a bit creepy. But it operates well. SWMBO went - what Genting is all about - gambling and won the family dinner last night. One of my favorites are animal pictures. The body of a snake (a must have accessory over here) is muscle pure - quite a stretch target for my gym exercise.
Who is the animal and who is the human?
Of course the main attraction of any theme park are the rides. Genting has a number of them: The Corkscrew, Space Shot, Sky Venture (a body flying tower, very cool, Flying Coaster, Snow World (the only way to see snow in the tropics) and more. All of them are pretty new and feature impressive structures.
The structure of the Flying Coaster
However when you embark on a ride on the Cyclops you enjoy Malaysia's first roller coaster ever,that means that you entrust yourself to this:
1980ies engineering standards @ the Cyclops
As far as I know the Cyclops has a spotless savety record, nevertheless contemplating wear and tear and increased loads over 30 years just when you go down the first slope leads to interesting facial expressions:
Is this coaster still solid engineering?
We survived unharmed

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  1. posted by Kevin Pettitt on Sunday 21 June 2009 AD:
    Love...that...picture Emoticon smile.gif I have a similar one of my dear wife (and will probably never get any more without some manner of trickery)
  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Sunday 21 June 2009 AD:
    Got some comments, that I'm looking like Robert De Niro in that pic.
  3. posted by Dave Harris on Monday 22 June 2009 AD:
    Thanks for the timely reminder of where NOT to take my wife (and kids) for our anniversary tomorrow Emoticon smile.gif