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Not your usual Starbucks

Imitation is the strongest form of flattery. So a successful brand (or more accurate: excellent execution of a great idea: providing a 3rd place besides home) attracts imitators. Today at Xi'an's airport I was spotting a familiar sign, only on the second look it was quite different.
SPR Coffee at Xi'an airport.
While SPR shamelessly borrowed typeface, colour, style ideas (lights, seating or counter) and charming girls in green, they added their own style. There is full service at your table and you get a wide selection of Asian food. The coffee is good, but the late is not even close to the original.

Posted by on 07 June 2009 | Comments (1) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by Aaron Seet on Monday 08 June 2009 AD:
    well they have even imitated an entire Disneyland, so.....