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Gangsters, Thugs, Thiefs and Media Users

I like movies. My family and I go to the cinema quite often (a movie is only half the fun without the coke and the popcorn) and we own quite a number of VCDs and DVDs. What p****s me off more and more: in every movie I get a advertisement about how bad "burning movies" is. Every DVD starts with an FBI warning telling me: "Hey you spend your money with us, but we tell you you probably are a thug". Grab any DVD from a Bangkok street vendor and you are not bothered by advertisement you can't skip or a warning about your obvious criminal intend. I don't mind to pay for media I watch, but I very much mind being called a potential criminal after I actually paid due to greed (?) of the media industry. Economy of abundance anyone?

Posted by on 07 July 2009 | Comments (2) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by ursus on Wednesday 08 July 2009 AD:
    yip - that's pissed me off for years as well Emoticon biggrin.gif
  2. posted by Cristian on Thursday 09 July 2009 AD:
    I totally agree.
    I also get very upset when, waiting for a movie show in theater, I get the annoying video about piracy: what the h*ll, I already paid to sit here..."