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Space Savings in Notes 8.5 using ODS51 and Compression

We all heard the stories about DAOS space savings. In case you missed the party, go download the estimator and run it against your server. But there is much more to the R8.5 release. I'm using the new ODS structure (ODS51) also locally (simply add CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 to your notes.ini and run a little script). My mail file as of just now has about 6000 documents, almost no attachments (I'm using MyAttachments) and design and data compression enabled. I have tons of folders that I use regularly, so there is quite some view indexes in that NSF.
Database in native Notes 8.5 format, compression enabled
Out of curiosity I replicated the mail file back to a test server running Domino 7.x. Domino 7.x runs ODS43 and doesn't support document or design compression. That same database swell to 273 MB. This is an increase of 50% (or if you walk the other way around: Moving from ODS43 to ODS51 saved me 33.3%). That's a very compelling reason to act. Database in Notes 6/7 format ODS43
As usual YMMV

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