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Do I want one?

Christmas season is coming, the mobile contract is up for renewal. So I'm device hunting. This looks promising (full Linux):

On the other hand. My favorite China-fake-phone-chipset supplier has recently published a Android capable chipset and once you get used to TV and dual sim card the phones are actually nice:

(did I mention that I'm used to use beta quality software only).

Posted by on 21 August 2009 | Comments (3) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by Thomas on Saturday 22 August 2009 AD:
    lets hope for improved performance.
    I'm using an 9300i and the speed (scrolling, name lookup, etc.) sucks.
    also the bigger model E90 didnt provide any improvements in this area.

    I've been looking into the N97, but it seems Nokia isnt really interested to provide Phones that work fine with 500+ contacts in your address book.
  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Monday 24 August 2009 AD:
    @Thomas: That's exactly the point. Above device doesn't run S60 but a Linux kernel, so it comes with its own set of quirks rather being plagued by S60 heritage.
  3. posted by Dave Harris on Thursday 17 September 2009 AD:
    I've just started using an E63, and I can't really fault it, to be honest. Ok, that may be because it's the first smartphone I've had, but I'm still finding it very pleasant to use.