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Domino Designer Import and Export

My colleague Guo Yi from the China Development Labs (CDL) in Beijing has published her first Domino Designer Plugin: Export and Import Tool for Domino Designer. I'm listed as contributor, which is true for idea and concept. All the heavy code lifting was done by Guo Yi. With this little gem you can export/import anything from/to Domino using the familiar Eclipse export/import dialog. The nice thing: the tool treats every file type appropriately: a CSS file becomes a CSS file and not "something like CSS wrapped into XML". A XPage ist XML following the XPages schema. Classic design elements are converted to/from DXL (so the usual caveats apply).
We were musing to add some kind of automation API to the plug-in (after all a version 1.0 needs a successor). ANT is my personal favorite, but we would be open to suggestion.

Posted by on 30 November 2009 | Comments (2) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Mikkel Heisterberg on Tuesday 01 December 2009 AD:
    Would love some Ant love Emoticon smile.gif
  2. posted by Kevin Pettitt on Tuesday 01 December 2009 AD:
    This is awesome news Stephan. Thanks Guo for putting in the hard work!