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My son Ernest passed the selection test for Singapore's Gifted Education Program (GEP). Being German I value education very highly and I'm rather critical of Singapore's pressure cooker type of education system. Aware of the potential partisan view on it I started sourcing for experience and opinions about the GEP. After all I had to negotiate with Ernest about his future and insisting on objective criteria is a corner stone of principled negotiation. Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are obvious sources besides "Auntie Google". Reflecting about SIngapore's education I remembered that Gilbert Koh, a.k.a Mr. Wang had blogged about his viewpoints regarding education numerous times, resonating well with my own view points. So I dropped him a note (for experts in communication matters the sentence reveals, that I'm a Lotus Notes user) asking for his opinion. In best web2.0 manners Gilbert congratulated Ernest in his blog, attracting quite some comments and notified me about the entry. Guess I'll pick up that habit and add a button to my inbox "reply by blog".
Ernest is quite uneasy to leave his current classmates behind, but seems to be attracted to the advertised "fun and games" type of learning. I'll try to get Anthony into the same school and eventually into the same program, he didn't miss the mark too much.

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  1. posted by Jerry Carter on Thursday 12 November 2009 AD:
    Well done, Ernest! Treat each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and apply what you already know.

    "Get for yourself wisdom, but get also understanding."

    No small congratulations to you as well Stephan. I think Anthony will redouble his efforts once he sees Ernest involved in the new school.
  2. posted by Nick Halliwell on Monday 16 November 2009 AD:
    That's really good for you and the family, many congratulations.