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Ski Holidays in Adelboden Switzerland

The next stop on our XMas Europe tour is Adelboden in Switzerland. If you are into Ski World Cup, you might know Adelboden for their world cup races. The next one being in 9/10 January 2010. We stay at a private guest house Adelbed. The owners Angelika and Ruedi go a great length to make us feel like family. A highly recommended place to stay. Of course our main attraction is skiing. Since is is new to Anthony and Ernest and has been 20 years for me, we started with some ski lessons. Robert and Jakob our ski trainers yesterday and today did an excellent job and we had tons of fun.
Day 2 of our Ski lessons
Skiing in the cold weather makes hungry and we enjoy Swiss specialties like Rivella, Kaesspatzen, Roesti, Trockenfleisch and tons of Swiss Cheese.The 3 guys give it a try:

Posted by on 20 December 2009 | Comments (1) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by francie on Sunday 27 December 2009 AD:
    oh wow.... chnoepfli UND rivella UND choggi UND roeschti UND moschtbroeckli UND schiifahren..... WOW!

    hope you guys are having a BLAST!