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Snow ride and Hertz customer service

The gentlemen are having a good time. We had our first sledge ride after a 1.5 hour climb up to the Drehhütte which is run by one of my relatives. Downhill was a little faster (about 20 minutes)
To travel around we rented a car from Hertz in Munich. The sales assistant at the Hauptbahnhof was very helpful and we got a Opel Zafira (a car that won't make it onto my favorite list any time). The guys at the service station weren't. It turned out, that there weren't any winter tires mounted as promised (which I figured only after we starting sliding on a snowy road). When I called the hotline the lady wasn't helpful at all. "I can't do anything about it, are you sure the tires are wrong" and so on. Finally she patched me through to the Hertz station in Füssen. This station is run by Mr. Braun and his wife. He was the exact opposite to the hotline. We exchanged phone numbers and within a short while he called back with a solution. He helped me to find a gas station instead of charging the day-robbery Hertz refill fee and made sure I feel comfortably at any time. Highly recommended customer service.

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