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Travel security?

I spend more than 180 days on travel in 2009 and went trough security in many countries with different levels of security. All in all it is a big theatre show. More than once I had to show the USB sticks I carry (I like the one with metal casings), but never show them working. Never my laptop batteries were checked. Passport and boarding pass were regularly matched against each other (makes sense to me) and I was patted down often. Hotels use sniffers to check luggage for restricted substances but let down their guard once they know your face. All in all I don't feel more secure. The full body scanners discussed now disgust me. I don't care who is looking at my image, but I do mind, that the proposed systems use active X-Rays. Within no time I would have a radiation dose firmly above my comfort level. I think the solution to all our security needs is to ban pink crocodile leather handbags.
Happy 2010 then

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