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Upgrading ODS43 to ODS51

The most talked about space saving feature in Domino 8.5 obviously is DAOS. The lesser talked space saver is ODS51. ODS51 features (not neccesarily introduced only then): Design compression, document compression, LZ1 attachment compression. I put it to the test with my very own mailbox (happily running R8.5.x and ODS51):
ODS51 mailbox with 5261 documents at 197MB
The same database after creating a copy in ODS43 (R6/R7) format. Nota bene: it doesn't contain any view indexes yet!
ODS43 mailbox with 5261 documents at 357MB
If you do the math: 357 -> 197 => 45% reduction in size. I don't store attachments in my mail file. Files that don't directly go to Quickr, LotusLive or Lotus Connections are taken care of by IBM's My Attachments tool effectively moving them to their own database.

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