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RPC Monitor - Watch your wire

The old IT joke goes: "If something is broken, it is always the cable". In our networks the closest you get to a cable is the low level protocol a client (Rich Client or Browser) is using to talk to the server. Some protocol analyzer should be in the bag of tricks of any admin and developer. For low level work there are tools like Wireshark, but they may be a little too deep for our needs. Looking for something simpler you will find Apache TCPMon for monitoring your HTTP traffic (cross-platform, I don't care for single platform tools), but you will be hard pressed to find something to watch your Notes client communication short of with the notes.ini settings CLIENT_CLOCK=1 and DEBUG_CONSOLE=1 and other settings. Enter the power of the R8.x sidebar and the creativity of Keith Smillie. He created a nice sidebar plug-in called RCP Monitor
RCPMonitor by Domiclipse.png

Once installed it allows you to see exactly what is going on during communication between the Notes client and the Domino server(s). Very educational to watch replication, online access, response times and data volume with and without compression. While you give Domiclipse a visit, check out DocViewer, Repton, DXLExplorer, DXLExporter, DXLImporterand the famous LOLcode editor. Keith includes installation instructions and access to the source code. I haven't tested it on Mac, but it runs well on Linux. Well done!

Posted by on 19 April 2010 | Comments (2) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Andrew Magerman on Tuesday 20 April 2010 AD:
    ...and if you want the Notes RPC output file translated into something more human-readable, check out the Notes RPC Parser, an open-source OpenNTF project.

    co-written by yours truly and Jaimie Magee. It's pretty much the same idea as Keith's idea, only it runs sequentially, as opposed to real-time.

    It's particularly useful to developers to fine-tune their Notes Client applications, especially in high latency environments.

  2. posted by pitt de waard on Thursday 22 April 2010 AD:
    yes, works fine on mac os also