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Starhub is building confidence in their service (are they?)

It turned out a lot of my Blackberry Blues was mainly based on faulty settings on the side of Starhub. They work very hard to dampen my confidence in them. From my inbox:
Dear Stephan,

Congratulations! Your StarHub Hub ID *myid* has been activated with FREE
StarHub Wireless Broadband service.

You can now use your Hub ID and password to access StarHub Wireless Broadband
service at any of our 300 hotspots
islandwide and other partner hotspots
(locally and overseas).

For wireless access at any partners hotspot, you will be charged on a
pay-as-you-use basis and any applicable usage charges will be billed to your
StarHub Digital Cable or MaxOnline account with effect from today.

For more information on StarHub Wireless Broadband, click here.

Yours sincerely,
Hub ID Management

Pretty neat, good customer service. Unless of course you try to follow any of that links. The are ALL broken. I do understand that from time to time you want to reorganize your web site and links change, but I side with Jakob Nielsen: Links need to live forever (12 years ago!!!!). It is plain lazyness to use the 404 redirect to the main page after a website redesign, especially once you sent out relevant links like billing information pages that people use for referenence. How hard would it be to maintain a list of old urls (before the re-design) and map them to new urls (after the re-design) and then in your 404 page either auto-redirect or have the page up long enough so people can take note or update their bookmarks?

And it is sloppy governance to upgrade your website without upgrading the links your automated systems use.
UpdateBeing a nice guy I hit the reply button to let them know that something is broken. Adding insult to injury, guess what I found in my inbox:
Dear Hub ID user

This email address is used for notification purposes only and
therefore, no replies will be generated.

If you have any queries on the Hub ID, please email us at
customerservice@starhub.com, and in the subject field enter "Hub ID
Query". On the email, please provide your Name, Hub ID, NRIC/FIN,
StarHub Account Number, and your day-time contact number for us to
reach you.  Our Customer Care Consultants will be in touch with you
within three working days.

Thank you.

Best Regards
Hub ID Management\nStarHub

Customer service anyone? And no \n is neither in MIME not HTML a new line.

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