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Busy Day Ahead - Shanghai World Expo 2010

Official Expo Map
I will need a foot massage after this.
Update: My impressions:
  • It is huge. Just walking the axis on the Pudong site from one end to the other easily takes an hour
  • Getting in from queuing up for a ticket to queuing up for security check took me 45 min - and I was there early
  • It is impressive. Just walking on the outside of the pavilions showed some very interesting architecture
    Not only buildings but also sculptures
  • The German pavilion looks like Leopard Tank meets Transformers. On a closer look the outer shape is canvas not reinforced steel plates
    German Pavilion
  • The Chinese know their crowd control. From entry gates to subway stations the designs allow from easy flow to strict queue management
  • There are only very few people --- on the overhead walk way
    Really no crowd
  • There are an incredible amount of people --- everywhere else
    People everywhere
  • The Chinese pavilion towers them all. Marvelous piece of architecture
    Chinese Pavillion
  • Don't bring the kids: they will be bored to death during queuing time - and you have lots of it
  • It takes time. On a weekend you easily end up queuing up for 3 hours to get into a popular pavilion. In just one of them. So plan 2-3 days preferably NOT on a weekend. Did I mention? ALL pavilions are popular.
  • The United States are finally untied. I wonder who tied them up in the first place
    The untied Stated of America

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