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Learning Java

Java is the workhorse of corporate applications. No longer considered sexy but battle hardened and mature. For a Notes developer there are a number of reasons why some Java knowledge is essential: LotusScript doesn't allow network access (and "cheating with COM objects" doesn't count), doesn't provide threads or, most important, access to a rich eco system of ready baked libraries. You want to create some fancy components for your Notes client or a sharable extension library for XPages, Java it is. But how to get started? There are a number of resources that give you easy access: Once you get to terms with the fact that Java is case sensitive your first program shouldn't be far off. Still don't know how to start? Copy the lines below:
  1. package myfirst ;
  3. public class HelloWorld {
  5.     public static void main ( String [ ] args ) {
  7.         System. out. println ( "Hello World" ) ;
  9.     }
  11. }

Posted by on 28 June 2010 | Comments (5) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Eric Mack on Tuesday 29 June 2010 AD:
    Hi Stephan,

    Good timing for today's post on Java Forever. { Link }

    Best Regards


  2. posted by Peter Presnell on Tuesday 29 June 2010 AD:
    Is it Thursday already? Man, where did this week go?
  3. posted by Paul Calhoun on Tuesday 29 June 2010 AD:
    TLCC has two Java courses that are delivered in the Domino Designer specifically for Domino Developers to learn Java.

    Can be reviews at TLCC's web site --> { Link }

  4. posted by Patrick Picard on Tuesday 29 June 2010 AD:
    +1 on the Thinking in Java book from Eckell. Used it in Univ.
  5. posted by Patrick Kwinten on Tuesday 29 June 2010 AD:
    this helped me: Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners { Link }