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Leaders of the fee world

Basic salary is a very crude measure to gauge total perks for elected politicians, but its a number easy to compare. Especially compare to the countries GDP per person. India's Manmohan Singh's base salary is pretty much in line with India's GDP per person and the lowest in a recent comparison by the Economist. On the other end are South Africa, Indonesia and Singapore (and Kenia, if the salary increase would have been accepted). Impressive figures:

What would be interesting is to see a table with 3 columns: Base salary, total perks (including seats on boards etc.), personal wealth. And of course a small country need to pay their leaders well. After retiring from a political job, there isn't that much else to do. Just ask MM why he sticks around.

Posted by on 12 July 2010 | Comments (1) | categories: Singapore


  1. posted by Jumali on Saturday 24 July 2010 AD:
    However we try to justify and present it, our politicians are still the highest paid.