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Lotus Sympony beyond 3.0

Lotus Symphony 3.0 has been in Beta for a while. Features have been frozen for quite some time and it can't be long before its release. The Symphony development team is now moving to code beyond 3.0. While this is not an official process, now is a good time to head over to the Lotus Symphony Ideaspace, proudly provided by Elguji Software. Share your ideas and vote on ideas you find there. The Symphony team listens to the space (that doesn't mean that they follow the requests, but at least they know about it). My favourites are (besides the speed and fidelity improvements of course):
  • Make ODF the default format for the LotusLive Collaborative Editor (a.ka. Concorde)
  • Allow to open HTML from the File-Open menu (or command line)
  • Provide MailMerge to send results as eMail body
  • Add XForms capabilities to Symphony and let the dataset be stored in an NSF

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